Valducci’s Pizza Truck

The weather is getting warm out so I jumped at the chance to go grab some lunch from a food truck. I was certain I was going to get Korean BBQ for lunch, but when I saw Valducci’s Pizza Truck parked outside I could not resist. While it’s hard to justify paying $5 for a slice of thin crust pizza, in my opinion, I wanted to give it a try. It was the Italian in me that was reaching out for a bite!

As I was waiting for my two slices (1 Eggplant and 1 Meatball Ricotta) I noticed the stickers all over the truck bragging about their amazing Pizza and the NY Daily News naming them “BEST PIZZA”. Well they haven’t tried my Nonna’s pizza! I will be sure to send NY Daily News a slice next time she makes some pizza.

So, am I going to be critical? You better believe it!


The Crust. This crust had a nice crunch to it. (I hate when I get a slice of pizza with a soggy limp crust.) However, it was so thin that I had trouble lifting it up without everything starting to slide off the pizza because the crust could not hold up the sauce and toppings.

The Sauce. The stickers on the truck say their sauce is amazing. Sauce can make or break a slice. I say the sauce was OK. It was under seasoned for my taste.

The Toppings. The ricotta was nice and creamy on the meatball and ricotta slice. I was nervous about the eggplant because I have had some bad experience with eggplant pizza… but their eggplant was good! Thank You!

Can I justify the price tag? I can’t say that it was amazing pizza for the price…but it was certainly a good slice. With the weather getting warmer I am probably more likely to walk an extra 15 minutes to get awesome pizza at that price point.

What is your favorite pizza place?!


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