Bacon ice cream?

Have you ever been sitting at work and thought to yourself, “I wish I had bacon, cookies, butter, potato chips and ice cream all wrapped up in edible paper?” I can’t say that I have, but I may now.

Almost without fail I have to grab a double espresso every morning from my favorite spot, Macchiato Espresso Bar.  It helps me function at optimal levels for the following 20 minutes before I crash again (5 minutes of which are spent walking back to the office). Over the last month, on my way back to the office from my espresso run, on a couple of occasions I have passed a truck that sells ice cream sandwiches.  They aren’t your typical bodega ice cream sandwiches that you had growing up. They are the kind that has a huge scoop of ice cream set between two oversized cookies. I was always curious to try these cool treats, but my job has not driven me crazy enough to justify scarfing down ice cream at 9:45am after my espresso.

Today was the day that I was going to try it.  I grabbed some willing friends and took the trek over to the CoolHaus ice cream sandwich truck. It was hot enough out to fry a strip of bacon on the sidewalk.  Speaking of which, when we finally got to the truck they actually had brown butter ice cream with candied bacon on the menu.  Everything tastes great with a little bit of bacon (sorry my vegetarian friends…but it’s true).

Mr. CoolHaus recommended the Potato chip and Snickerdoodle cookies, which was fine by me.  They wrapped up this crazy creation in edible paper.  For those of you as weirded out by an edible wrapper as me, it’s made from the stuff used to make those Styrofoam tasting edible flower cake decorations (which I used to run for when I was little slimfatfoodie).

The masterpiece

So what do you get when you mix bacon, cookies, butter, potato chips, ice cream and edible paper? You get a delicious ice cream sandwich. The cookies overpower the the ice cream a bit (but they are awesome) and there really wasn’t a strong of a bacon taste as I thought there might be.  That said I wish there was more bacon with my ice cream.

As they say, “I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream bacon!” Stay cool.


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