If you have wandered on to this blog chances are you are either bored, lost or completely not feeling like you need to diet today.  I started this blog to extend my love of food to everyone willing to sit down for a few minutes and read along. Most people these days are obsessed with healthy alternatives to fattening recipes, how to lower your calories while still eating great food, lose weight fast schemes and the like.  I on the other hand am completely obsessed with delicious fattening foods.

My name is Rino and I am the SlimFatFoodie.  I often feel like I am a fat guy stuck inside of a slimmer guys body. My appetite for delicious food, life and family is huge. Sit around a table with great food, family and friends and you will have memories that will last forever.  Sit around a table with “low-carb-ified”, “health-ified”, and “non-grandma approved” food and, well, you have a bunch of cranky people who wish they had the real deal in front of them.

I hope you enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as I enjoy eating my way through them.


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