Ear taco…almost

I believe it was sometime last year when I was walking to the train in Forest Hills that I saw a new Mexican food cart show up near the corner of Austin Street and 71st Continental Avenue. For those of you not familiar with Forest Hills, it is located in Queens, NY neither on a hill nor near a forest.  The cart is nothing fancy and has no creative food cart name. Two little Mexican ladies run the cart dressed in regular clothes rather than ornate aprons or uniforms plastered with their food cart propoganda. It certainly isn’t fast food as everyone’s order seemed to take some time as they prepared it with care.  I felt like I was waiting for someone to cook me up some food from their kitchen.

I opted to go with the tacos, though they have an array of other items available. The choices for filling included Spicy pork, salty beef, boiled beef, chicken, beef tripe, chorizo, beef tongue, and ear.  Being the adventurous type I jumped at the ear taco, but alas they didn’t have any available.  Spicy pork and beef tongue would have to do.

 Beef tongue to the left and spicy pork to the right.

What you get is a double tortilla taco packed with the meat of your choice, onions, cilantro, salsa verde, a lime wedge (yum), and hot sauce (which has a nice flavor and isn’t really hot).  They run $2.50 each and are definitely filling. The spicy pork has a great flavor with a little kick.  The beef tongue is both tender and crispy. I certainly hope the next time I go they have the ear taco. I am not sure that I can go so far as to try the tripe, but them again who knows what the drunk munchies will bring.


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