Need a food cart check list?

With the 2012 Vendy Awards approaching on September 15, I thought it would be fitting to highlight the 2011 winners. For those of you who are street food fans, this serves as a great check list as we wait to hear who the 2012 finalists are.

Vendy’s Cup: Solber Pupusas
No, Solber Pupusa is not an insult in another language. So what is a Pupusa? Apparently it is a grilled corn masa patty hand shaped and stuffed with cheese & other fillings. Catch these guys at the RedHook Ball Fields and the Brooklyn Flea.

People’s Choice: Souvlaki GR
It’s the hamburger of Greece. My Greek connection tells me it is awesome.  She says, “Even more authentic than the food is the atmosphere! You will literally feel as if you are in a taverna in Greece. I swear you can hear the waves.” I’m sold. Catch these guys on the Lower East Side (storefront or food truck).

Maker’s Mark Challenge: Cinnamon Snail
I can’t say I have ever eaten a cinnamon snail before and thats probably a good thing. You can findvegan organic food at this truck. I am not sure that snails are vegan, but watevs.  They travel all over NY and also go to Redbank & Hoboken in NJ.

Dessert: Wooly’s Ice
I can’t remember the last time I had shaved ice. This is the place to be on those hot city days. Catch these guys by the South Street Seaport.

Rookie of the Year: Korilla BBQ
I watched these guys on The Great Food Truck Race and they are definitely on my list. Korean BBQ meets burritos and tacos. Catch these guys in Midtown, FiDi, SoHo, Flatiron and DUMBO.

Best of New Jersey: Taco Truck
I have no idea what this truck sells.  Oh wait, that’s right they sell Tacos. Catch these guys in NJ, NY and MA.

I plan to check off Korilla BBQ & Souvlaki GR from my list soon. I can’t wait to hear the 2012 finalists.


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