Another Double Espresso…Please!

So I was super bummed about having to go to the doctor because I somehow injured my foot. After my appointment I hobbled over to Joe Coffee to drown my pain in a double espresso. When I finally reached the counter to order my eyes fell on an interesting treat… a pumpkin apple muffin. How could I pass on that?


The espresso at Joe is absolutely delicious and strong as a bull. There is no bitterness and  it has a fairly unique flavor that I have not found in my other espresso adventures. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it keeps me coming back to try to figure it out.

The muffin was just the right size. It was dense and packed a delicious, not too sweet, punch. I would absolutely recommend grabbing coffee at Joe and snagging one of those rockin’ muffins if you find yourself walking passed one of their locations.




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