Skip the Cronut Line

I am sure everyone has been bombarded with articles and stories about the Cronut and stories about Cronut copy cats. If not allow me to lift the rock you have been living under with the help of some Midtown Lunch posts.

Now back to business. I certainly want to give these sweet treats a go, but am not about to take a day off from work to wait on line. So what is the next best thing?

Make my own of course! (Thanks for the idea Pillsbury)


  1. Grab some Crescent Roll dough
  2. Stack the dough and cut your center hole and shape (I went square… because i am cool like that)
  3. Drop it into hot oil and watch it get golden brown
  4. I skipped the Salted Caramel cream. Instead I broke it open and dropped in a few scoops of pistachio gelato and topped it with chocolate syrup
  5. Eat


Stop drooling, you’re embarrassing yourself.

I am not big on sweets, so I thought I would only have a bit or two… I swear after the first bite I blacked out. When I opened my eyes there was just chocolate syrup and some drips of melted gelato on the plate.

So you can wait on line if you want or try one of the copy cat spots… but I would suggest giving it a try on your own.


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