Monstah Lobstah Roll

Martha’s Vineyard Edition

I was in Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding this past weekend. I had never been there, but the vision I had painted in my head was completely backwards. If you have never been there before you should certainly make the trip if you like the cute small town feeling filled with unbelievably friendly people….so basically the opposite of NYC.

Anyway… on to the food! By the time we arrived at our hotel, Dockside Inn, we were already hungry. The hotel was very cute, homey, filled with friendly staff, and newly rennovated. They also have a a classic Rolls Royce to bring you around… complimentary!

We had already decided that we were all craving lobster rolls.  We turned to Loomis, the hotels virtual concierege whose identity is unknown. He/She recommended Lookout Tavern. We double checked with Yelp, never chow down without it, and were on our way.

These were not the little lobster rolls from the food trucks in NY. These were some serious rolls piled high with lobster and deliciousness on the most perfectly toasted bun. I opted for the hot roll with butter, but had to try the cold roll with mayo too. Both awesome…mine was better.


Buttery Goodness


With Mayo

Both of these bad boys were delicious and well worth the price.  Pair them with the nice breeze, good beer, water view and some freinds….you might just be inspired to go rent some scooters and drive around the island aimlessly. We did!


6 thoughts on “Monstah Lobstah Roll

  1. Rino, great meeting you guys…Next time you come to the Vineyard, I’ll take you for the best lobster roll deal on the island…

  2. My goodness… You are such a troublemaker !!! Have to get out to Martha’s Vineyard for one of those lobster rolls!

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