Blue Fin to finish off my Friday

I took a late train home from DC on Friday where I had been for a conference. As much as I like traffic, hoards of people, and silly questions (can you hear the sarcasm radiating from my facial expression) it was time to head home.

I decided that since I had to change trains in Manhattan anyway I might as well go out to dinner with my wife. Of course I had no plans of where we would go eat. We wandered around for a bit and somehow ended up at Blue Fin.  I had never been, but was definitely in the mood for fish so I was sold. They were playing live jazz music upstairs and sat us in a romantic corner.  Our server, whose name I believe was Patrick, was very attentive, super friendly and helpful when it came time to decide on what to eat.

We started with the Tuna Tartar… which I don’t have a picture of because my stomach outran my camera… but it was good.

I ordered a salmon special for my main course. This skin was super crispy and the salmon had a buttery texture. It sat on some greens, chilled watermelon and some spicy sauce. I could have done without the watermelon, but the fish turned out to be awesome.

photo 1

For dessert they had a banana pudding cake. I am becoming more of a fan of banana pudding and this cake was just the right amount of sweet for someone who greatly dislikes sweets… that’s me.

photo 2

Blue Fin is great for a meeting (downstairs) or a date (upstairs). Hope you enjoy.


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