Back Door Donuts

Martha’s Vineyard Edition

My mouth is watering as I try to think up the right sequence of words that will do this place justice.  Alas, I can’t think of anything except the first bite I took of an Apple Fritter from Back Door Donuts.

This is a late night food spot in  Martha’s Vineyard.  As you walk towards the back door of Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Café & Bakery the smell that takes over what seems like a 2 block radius is something out of a fairly tale. (Am I exaggerating?… absolutely not!)  It smells so amazing that you can almost taste the air.  The line was pretty long when we arrived and we had to wait for our order to cook when we finally made it to the front, but it was worth the wait.

As we asked all the locals on line what they thought we should order everyone had a different favorite donut… When we asked which was the must have item on the menu the response were:

“If you have never tried anything here, Apple Fritter.”

“Hands Down, Apple Fritter.”

“Apple Fritter is on a whole new level!”

“I am getting the glaze because I can have this place anytime, but you have to get the Apple Fritter.”

The locals had decided for me.  Who am I to go against such an overwhelming response?

apple frit 2

Yes, my mouth outran my camera and I took a bite before I could take a picture. Not only was this thing perfectly crispy, fresh, flakey, soft, and amazing…. it was the size of my face.  You can probably share this with someone… but why? I should have brought a box of these home.


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