Euro Honeymoon: How I gained 15 lbs.

I have been meaning to highlight some of my favorite foods during my honeymoon.  It has been 8 months since our honeymoon which included Amalfi, Umbria, Florence, and Paris. It is a trip that I would recommend to anyone in a heart beat.

When we got back after this 3 week adventure I was 15 pounds heavier than when I left. Granted I lost 20 pounds leading upto the wedding. How do you put on ten pounds in 3 weeks? Easy, here are a few of my favorites from our travels:

In Amalfi we found this great little Cafe that served Calzones with ham and mozzarella, among other fillings, and these deep-fried pasta balls…. I LOVED the pasta balls especially.  I think that is my Foodtruck idea.

amalfi Pizzeria 1

Breakfast at our hotel overlooked the cliff side and the perfectly blue water. It included a ridiculous spread of meats, cheeses, toast and homemade jams from fruit on the property, Cappuccino and “American stuff”.

breakfast amalfi

While in Umbria we stumbled upon a Sicilian Restaurant in the small town of Panicale.  I was quick to create the connection that I too was Sicilian and we were not treated like gold… we were treated like long-lost cousins! So much so that I was sad when we went for the last time saying goodbye. Check out the Antipasto and the Truffle crust on that meat!


Truffle crust

Not that I am trying to live up to any stereotype, but I love pasta.  I could eat it everyday.  Had this mushroom and Porcini pasta in a small town.

Parpadelle and mushrooms

We had this foccacia, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and I can’t even remember what else, sandwich in a Florence hole in the wall hot spot which was full of locals. The place is the highest rated place to eat in Florence and for good reason.


The French make burgers? This fancy restaurant does, and while these things were tiny (it was an appetizer) they were the most awesome burgers I have ever had with duck liver mixed in with the beef. And that bowl of cream in the next photo is mind-blowing mash potatoes packed with butter.

French Sliders


DO NOT TRY THE MCBAGUETTE! Curiosity made me try it, but now you don’t have to.


I have a ton more pictures of food, but I will leave it at this for now.


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