S’Mac You Silly Mac n’ Cheese

If you have read my previous posts you will see that I have a sweet spot for Mac n’ Cheese… but who doesn’t?! (unless you can’t eat dairy… Womp Womp) Cheese, Pasta, More Cheese, More Cheese! How can you say no?

Do you love Mac n’ Cheese as much as me? Unlikely, but you don’t know good Mac until you try S’Mac. Never been to S’Mac (Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese)? What is wrong with you?!  Allow me to make you salivate.

SMC2BAM! GooeyCheeseySmokingHotDeliciousMAC Goodness, served in a cast iron pan.

I went with the Parisienne Mac: “Creamy brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary, topped with bread crumbs.” We shared a Major Munch between two of us… almost made the mistake of ordering a Mango, which probably can serve 5 people. This was heavenly and hit the spot.  If I had one close to work I would be 50 lbs. heavier… and happy as can be.


Check out the menu and pick your favorite.


3 thoughts on “S’Mac You Silly Mac n’ Cheese

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