Stag’s Head in my Backyard

A. Is this some sort of bad omen?
B. Are one of my neighbors trying to send me a message?
C. Am I some sort of backyard butcher?
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Sorry to burst your bubble if that was not the choice you were hoping for. On the bright side The Stag’s Head is a fantastic craft beer bar in NYC. If you read no further, just put this place on your list of must hit bars if you are into craft beer.

I had stumbled upon this place a few months ago while doing some research for a good place to grab drinks with my buddy, Saheel. The bartender was super friendly and very knowledgeable. We had some great brews and walked out with 2 growlers of a limited run IPA from Stone Brewery.

Fast forward to a week ago and I needed to find a good place to meet up with my buddy Nelson. Stag’s Head was the way to go again. We lucked out with a cancelation of one of the reserved tables. This place is popular and the tables book up. Happy hour specials are great beers for great prices… no Bud Light here. I was in awe that the waitress was just as knowledgeable about all the beers as the bartender. We tried Sawtooth Ale from Lefthand Brewing, which was so good we threw a few of those back. Definitely grab one of their brews when you see it available!

We also tried Olympic White Lagr (not misspelled) from SingleCut Beersmiths, which I thought was not bad, but Nelson seemed to disagree with me based on his facial expression and comments, which I shall not repeat not because I am a gentleman (though I am) but rather because I do not recall his words and don’t want to misquote him of course.


We exchanged stories about how old we felt and how quickly time tends to get away from us (last time we got together we agreed to meet up once a month… that was six months ago). As we sat there we both got hungry and were debating eating at the bar or walking over to BonChon… which has the most awesome twice fried Korean wings. Fearing we might not find a seat and lose out on great brews we decided to get some apps off the menu. Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls, Sliders, Deviled Eggs (with bacon!) and the star of this meal… mini fried chicken and waffles (4 more servings, please!).



Overall the beer selection at The Stag’s Head is awesome, the staff actually know their beer (not like some other establishments I have visited), and you can have an enjoyable meal.

This place makes my top 10 list.

New Beer!


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