Monster Mac & Cheese Sandwich

Dear Self,

It is Friday, June 7th as you are writing this. When you wake up it will be Tuesday, June 11th.  Do Not Panic! You are waking from a Food Coma induced by the most awesome Mac & Cheese Sandwich… Thanks Toast Monster. Here is a recap in case you don’t remember:

Gooey Mac & Cheese on perfectly toasted Texas Toast with Sloppy Joe and topped with a toast shaped fried egg.


Be sure to thank Steve for warning you about this sandwich. It was the perfect lunch for an ugly rainy day! Spread the word and make sure you have 3 days to recover from this meal next time.




P.S. It is not nice to send pictures of this awesome sandwich to coworkers who are stuck in meetings all day.

P.S.S. Just Kidding. It’s hilarious.


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