Alphabet City Beer

Here is an old post I had on another blog that I decided to repost here.

I already know what you are thinking based on the title of this post. “Does this have any relation to alphabet soup?” No it does not, but what a great idea you just gave me. Alphabet City Beer Co (or ABC Beer Co) is a beer cafe in New York located in Alphabet City. I stumbled upon this place while reading through my Thrillist emails. I quickly took a look at their reviews on Yelp, never leave for drinks without it, and was sold on checking this place out.

First off, I recommend grabbing a cab to get there because it is in the middle of nowhere. It was a 15 minute walk from the nearest train. When we arrived it looked like a regular store front and one that was closed for that matter. Thankfully after that long walk in the heat it was open and looked closed because it is dimly lit.

The first thing you see when you walk in is a huge selection of bottled craft beer, but unfortunately they are only to-go and cannot be opened there (womp womp!). However, they have a decent selection of beers on tap. Staff is super friendly and helpful. It has a very rustic feel to it, including a huge reclaimed wood table, broken in leather couches and rustic looking light fixtures. They have a pretty good selection of snacks to pick on and if you are a meat a cheese person they have some great stuff (I am since I have a soft spot for wine too. Don’t Judge Me!). You will feel very much at home in this place.

Of course I had to grab a bottle when I left. I was a bit overwhelmed and wanted to take one of each, but my wallet wouldn’t let me. In the end I was drawn to this bottle, not because it was bright pink and eye-catching, but because it was bacon maple flavor inspired by VooDoo Doughnut, which I hope to try one day.


I certainly didn’t think it was going to actually taste like bacon. Maple flavor I could definitely imagine… but not bacon. I popped it open as soon as I got home. As soon as the cap came off it smelled like I had been cooking pancakes and bacon in my kitchen. The flavor was super intense…and yes it tasted like bacon, or a smoked type of meat, with a hint of maple as well. It is definitely an interesting beer. Try it for yourself and let me know your take on this one. Until next time, cheers my friends!

New Beer!


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