Next Day Chili – SlimFat Sloppy Sandwich

If there is one thing I love… its leftovers.  Any kind of leftover can be repurposed into a brand new meal and most times the food tastes even better the next day.  I can’t explain why, but if you don’t believe me ask any of your Italian friends around Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Sunday. We like to make more than enough food  so that on the off-chance a parade gets rerouted through our house there is plenty of food for the who procession.

So what was on the leftover list this time?  Chili!

We had just made the Chili the night before. How can you eat that two days in a row you ask? Simple.

(Working Late + No desire to buy junk)* Long commute home = We are having leftovers

So first I reheated the chili. (wasn’t desperate enough to eat it cold)


Do you have some sweet potato fries handy? (“I thought you said you were having left overs, Slim?” … I want fries!)

Fried up a bag of sweet potato fried until they got nice and crispy.  It doesn’t take that long.


Toasted some bread.  My bread of choice was potato roll.  And then…. Whip out the Whiz.


Top your toasty bun witWhiz, fill with chili, and pile on some sweet potato fries.


I sense a messy meal coming… indeed.


The first bite is heavenly.  The last bite just makes me sad… so of course I have to down two of these. =)




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