Big D’s anyone?

I have come to realize that I cannot function without my caffeine.  I started a new job near Rockefeller Center, which meant that I would not have my beloved Macchiato Espresso Bar a few steps from work anymore (little did I know).  I needed to find a new coffee shop (Not Starbucks), so I called on the mighty powers of Google Maps to help me during this crisis.  TaDa! The other Macchiato just so happened to be a 5 minute walk from my new job (or was it the powers of google that made it so?).  What are the odds?  To make it more interesting it is located at a building whose address is 666, which happens to be the building number of my old job (and the number of the devil?)… eerie! So it was great success that I found my espresso bar.

Back to the topic at hand… Big D’s!

photo 1

This morning as I was struggling to keep my eyes open at 11am, partially because I hadn’t had my coffee and partially because our puppy decides to wake us up at 5am, I decided it was time to hit Macchiato. As I walked down 50th street I saw Big D’s Grub Truck. I potentially had lunch plans today so I battled the urge to stop for a bite and walked right passed it in the bitter cold to get my espresso. The long cold walk was making me hungry so I gave in and I decided I would get a “snack” while I waited for my lunch plans to come up.


The line was nice and short because let’s face it, who eats lunch at 11am (Guilty)? I grabbed 3 tacos for $7. One bulgogi taco, which is beef marinated in soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil, one spicy pork taco, which is marinated in Big D’s secret spices and one ginger chicken taco, which is covered in a ginger sauce. If I didn’t have pending lunch plans I would have thrown in dumplings and yucca fries (next time I suppose).

photo 4

The ginger chicken was very…different.  If you like ginger then you might like the explosive ginger taste of this one. The spicy pork had great seasoning and was packed with flavor, but could have used more of a kick. (If you put the word spicy before a food it better smack me in the face at first bite).  The beef was probably my least favorite, not because it wasn’t super tender (because it was) but rather it was a bit bland for my taste (and I am not just saying that because I am a salt addict).

Overall, not bad for $7, but if Big D’s was parked next to Korilla or Seoul … no contest.


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