Zibetto Espresso Bar

T’was the day after Christmas, and all through the city, people were on vacation, but not me what a pity.

No, I am not going to continue my version.  I thought about taking a crack at it, but I needed coffee.  If you have read my previous posts you probably realize that I have a serious espresso addiction and that I love Macchiato Espresso Bar. I was super excited that my new job was near their second location, but after two trips for my beloved espresso I have realized that it just isn’t the same. The location by Grand Central is very much out of the way and feels like a nice little coffee shop.  This other location feels too much like a Starbucks and much more touristy.

When I decided it was time for some espresso this morning I opted not to go to Macchiato… (What?! Yes, it is true). Instead I took the advice of my buddy Steve to try Zibetto. It is a little further from my office (56th and 6th), but Steve said they have great espresso.  I left the office in the freezing cold to make it over to Zibetto Espresso Bar.  Despite the cold ripping through my jacket and tears falling from my eyes I pushed forward (How dramatic… and all for the Love of Espresso (“LoE”)).

ZibettoZibetto is so small that if you are walking fast you might miss it.  It is a hole in the wall with no seating, just standing room. No fancy signs, complicated menus, or crazy décor.  Just one guy, a few Panini’s, some cookies and or course coffee.  It made me feel like I was back in Italy.  In fact I caught myself almost ordering in Italian. My espresso was ready and I was told the price.  I didn’t get rung up, as the fellow behind the counter was on to taking the next order, but rather I just left the money on the counter.  For a few minutes I didn’t feel like I was trapped in this big city.

How was the espresso? Probably the best I ever had (except for Nonna’s espresso of course). It was very smooth and no signs of that burnt flavor that you sometimes get from espresso.

I left not only feeling recharged, but feeling reinvigorated.  I walked out with my jacket unzipped and didn’t feel cold at all. I was “Espresso Man!” I wanted to run for no reason at all! I am not sure if it was my excitement of finding my new coffee spot, or if it is something they put in the espresso.

They heard me exclaim, ‘ere I sprinted out of sight, “Zibetto for all, and you won’t sleep all night!”


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