Fighting Hunger Pangs with Num Pang

The SlimFatFoodie is finally back.

I managed to drop 15 lbs. in just a few weeks leading up to my wedding (not intentionally) probably because my body was preparing for all the food I would be eating during our 15 day honeymoon (yes, I did gain it all back and did so with a huge smile on my face and a happy tummy).

As I sort out all the photos of the meals I had in Amalfi, Umbria, Florence and Paris and prepare to make everyone jealous of the awesome food I had, I thought I would kick things off with my first work lunch back in NY.

Having been out of work for 3 weeks for the honeymoon I am sure you can imagine my work inbox was overflowing with emails.  It was a battle trying to get through them not only because there were so many of them, but because I have not been able to stop thinking of food since I got home. Some people suffer from jet lag, but not this guy.  It was my whole eating pattern that was a mess.  I have been hungry all day every day since my return. By the time I eat lunch here it is dinner time in Italy and my stomach is ready to go again.

My buddy Darrell was clearly concerned, as he too has experienced this same post vacation state of hunger which I will call “Food At All Times” or “FAAT“. Darrell’s solution to FAAT… “how about Num Pang for lunch?” One look at the menu and I was sold (as will you be).

Num Pang is a sandwich shop with roots in Cambodian style cooking. All the sandwiches are served on a semolina flour baguette (baked fresh daily) and topped with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili mayo. So, which of the mouthwatering options caught my eye on this particular day? Five-Spice Glazed Pork Belly with pickled Asian pear ($8.00).

The sandwich itself is not huge, but it’s packed full of an amazing flavor symphony and surprisingly filling. This thing is so good that you will dread finding yourself faced with the last bite (I almost cried and needed a nap after I finished it). They have two locations and I suggest you stop in if you are looking for a different kind of sandwich… your taste buds will thank me.

Don’t forget the Sriracha sauce!


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