Seoul food

When I was just a little guy I was not a big eater.  My parents had to fight to get me to eat. My favorite story is once I was sitting at the table and didn’t want to eat…anything.  Mom told me I could not leave until I at least ate the piece of bread on my plate.  Being the sneaky type I “dropped” the bread on the floor…”Oops, it fell!” Mom proceeded to pull a full loaf of italian bread out of the fridge, “Ok, now you eat this before you can leave the table.” Who knew I would grow up to have such a big appetite that the table would be my favorite place to be (and anywhere else I could enjoy a meal).

Today, my stomach knew exactly what it wanted to have… Seoul Food truck. It was that time to see if Seoul Food could take out Korilla BBQ.  My taste buds were ready to judge.  I walked down Park Ave. to their usual spot, but there was construction going on and they were no where in sight.  I could hear my stomach yelling at my legs “you better keep walking and find that truck!” Off in the distance I caught sight of an awning hanging over the sidewalk from the street. This had to be them… yes, yes it was them.

I made it just in time because they were closing as they were making my order. While I wanted to compare them to Korilla, I didn’t want to get a burrito, so I went with the sweet and spicy pork bahn-mi sandwich on a crusty french baguette. This sandwich is huge.  This is a legit foot long (if not more).  The meat had a great seasoning and the sauce they use was delicious. I ate the first half and realized I had not added the red hot sauce that they dropped in my bag.   I wish I had discovered this when eating my first half because it upped the delicious factor by 2.

As good as this was (and it was quite good) I don’t think that it beats out Korilla. I know it is not fair to say because I didn’t order the same thing, so perhaps I will have to do a Korilla v. Seoul on a slow afternoon (Round 2).


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