The $140 TriTip Sandwich

You probably clicked on this post because you want to know what the hell possessed me to pay $140 for a sandwich or want to know what line of business I am in that I can afford such a sandwich. Like I said in one my previous posts, if you have never tried a TriTip then you are missing out.

On this particular day I was especially in the mood for some TriTip.  It was already 2pm, well passed my lunch time as well as the lunch rush. I took the walk over to Grand Central (again, the Rockefeller Center location is just better in my opinion) and prepared to place my order. Bacon Cheddar Buck with sweet potato fries…”what do you mean you don’t have sweet potato fries?!” (I had to go with regular fries… reluctantly)

Ok, my order is placed and I hand over the Amex card… “Sir it’s not going thru. Let me try again.” “Tom! This card isn’t reading in our fancy iPad card reader.” “Order up!” “He is still over here!!”

For whatever reason the stupid iPad card reader wasn’t reading my card. Three different people tried a total of 12 times both by swiping and manually entering my info and were having no luck, so a manager walked over gave me my food and said don’t worry about it have a nice day. (didn’t the post say this was $140?)

This sandwich is absolutely delicious.  The bread is toasty (although it looks burnt in this picture) and the bacon is thick cut and crispy.  You can see that there is melted cheese all over it and they have some sauce that they use inside that just pulls the whole thing together.  If you have the choice go with the sweet potato fries.

Oh so the $140… I took a look at my credit card statement this morning and turns out all 12 tries went through to Amex. I trust that Amex will fix this for me.  Was it worth $140….absolutely not!  Was it worth $11 and change… I would say so.


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