What’s for Bureka-fast?

I have mentioned before that I am a big espresso junkie.  My go to place by work (almost daily) is Macchiato on 44th between Lexington & 3rd in NYC. I have become a regular and never have to place my order when I walk in as it is usually sitting on the counter by the time I pay or already being made when they see me. I almost never have coffee anywhere else…almost.

Aroma Espresso Bar used to be my go to place.  I strayed away because it feels like a big coffee chain and that is not my style. However their food is awesome! When I need to be at work early and have no time to eat before I run out of the house I make a pit stop at Aroma.  One of my favorites (aside from the sandwich made with slices of bread the size of my face) is the cheese Bureka.  It is a triangular pastry made with phyllo dough and stuffed with feta. As I walked in to Aroma the other morning I was so hungry that I was ready to attack a Bureka.  They recently changed the look of their menu so I gave it a glance as they rearranged some items. My eyes fell on something that I never noticed on the menu before called a Bureka treat.  (I want one! What is it?)

The Bureka treat is the feta cheese version of my favorite pastry cut in half and stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, pickles and tahini sauce. For breakfast?! Yes, for breakfast.  I love all the different flavors dancing around in every bite. If you don’t like all of those things stuffed in you can opt to remove any items that you don’t like, though I would not suggest it.  You will really like this as is.  Be sure to check out their sandwiches as well.

I think it is just about time for my morning espresso.


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