Feelin’ like a Po’ Boy.

It was one of those days when I wasn’t really in the mood for anything in particular.  We all have those days when we have no idea what we want to eat, but we know we probably should eat so that we don’t get hungry later and clean out the fridge trying to find that something that we didn’t know we were in the mood for…just me? Whatevs!

In any case, I started the day thinking I might be in the mood for Kati Roll, which is kind of like an Indian taquito, but way better.  Instead I opted to hold off and grab lunch with a few friends in hopes that whatever they were in the mood for might spark my interest.

Plan A was BOB & JO Korean Fusion truck. It sounded interesting and I was sure I would find something I would like.  We took the walk over to find them, but the truck was nowhere to be seen. (D, you built up our hopes only to have them dashed) Plan B was to grab TriTip from Grand Central. If you have never had TriTip you are missing out. If you have had TriTip, but all you order is a salad (not mentioning names) you are missing out.  In my opinion the one in Rockefeller Center is better than Grand Central.

On the way to TriTip, D threw out a suggestion of Fried Oyster Po’ Boy from Oyster Bar.  This was the suggestion that my stomach had been waiting for.  We walked over the to-go window outside of the restaurant that overlooked the bar area and awaited our orders.

The bread was fresh and covered in that white powder that you sometimes see on loaves of bread.  It didn’t help that I was eating in front of my desk fan so I had white powder blown all over my nose and face (In walks HR…I swear I was just eating bread!).  The fried oysters were delicious as was the sauce that covered them.  I squeezed a little lemon on top for that extra zing.  This is definitely a great sandwich for a gloomy day. I also hear their soups are good, but I will save that for the cold months (::sigh:: summer is almost gone). Now I am full and my fridge is safe this time around.

The good thing about jumping from option to option for lunch is that I now have a list of places to hit for upcoming posts.


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