Sophie’s, my mistress.

No, she is not actually my mistress, but I certainly have a thing for Sophie’s (who doesn’t?).

When my stomach clock goes off and the time is half past rice and beans, chances are I am going to Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, as I mentioned in my post “Who you calling Mangu?”.

It was redemption time for Mr. Fruit Cart as I suggested we grab Sophie’s.  No one can say no to Sophie’s.  We went over not knowing what the special of the day was.  En route to Sophie’s we realized that neither of us knew the exact location and had to use our “phone a friend” lifeline (of course, this was after 20 minutes or so of arguing where it might be and trying to locate them on our “smart phones”…which were unable to disclose the exact location we were looking for).

I opted for the turkey with yellow rice and tostones (big slices of green plantains that are fried, crushed and then fried some more). I also could not resist getting a beef empanada.  (Fat Attack!)


Their rice is awesome.  As Mr. Fruit Cart put it, “it has just the right amount of moisture”. I could eat a whole tray of their rice, which is good since they fill the tray with it like it is a rice cooker.  The turkey was cooked in broth, which made it super moist and the empanada was delicious (though quite a bit smaller than I am used to buying from my empanada cart in Brooklyn). You top all of this food with the salsa verde and you have a meal that will put you to sleep after taking the last bite.

The only other Spanish food establishment that I have been able to put on the same level as Sophie’s is PioPio, which could be my favorite.

With these huge portion sizes I have been ordering I am going to have to create the Tapas Tasting edition or I am well on my way to gaining 1 lb. per post. Not a good look for my upcoming wedding.


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