Enjoy Hoegaarden at work.

On a hot summer Friday there is nothing better than BBQ, beer and ice cream. Can I take that to go?

A couple of weeks back a buddy of mine introduced me to the Waffles & Dinges Truck.  They dish out both sweet and savory waffles with toppings like nutella, banana, ice cream, pulled pork… not always all together. They also happen to rotate some beer flavored ice cream like Lindemans Framboise and Hoegaarden (which is a beer and not a place).  Being a big beer guy myself, I have been itching to try one of these beer ice creams.  I found out from my buddy via text, while I was away at a conference, that Hoegaarden was back in the rotation (Thanks for rubbing it in!).

On this hot and humid Friday I looked them up on twitter and intercepted their truck location (most all food trucks have a twitter account that tells their location for the day… FYI).

First, I tried to order the Chili con Carne waffle, but apparently that fellow is on vacation for the summer, so I went with the pulled pork.  When I asked what ice cream they had I was heartbroken to hear that they only had Belgium Madness and Belgium Chocolate…but wait, Belgium Madness is actually the code word for Hoegaarden.

I had to eat the ice cream first because it was already starting to melt after the walk back to the office. I braced myself for disappointment as I thought, “how much could this actually taste like Hoegaarden?” Well, it tasted so much like Hoegaarden that it makes you feel like a crafty alcoholic. “Take that HR, I snuck in beer in the form of ice cream and called it Belgium Madness.” (Just kidding guys, it has no alcohol so you can take the print out of this post out of my file and put my file back in the cabinet.)

As for the waffle, who knew that a truck that sold waffles could make such good pulled pork? Half the waffle was covered with pulled pork and the other half with coleslaw. The coleslaw was topped with red pickles.  (Anyone know why they are red? I haven’t a clue.) The waffle had a hint of sweetness to it which went great with the pulled pork and coleslaw. Coming in at $8.50 for the savory waffle (not including the ice cream) it did a decent job of filling my appetite.

Now I can’t wait for the winter to come so I can snag that chili con carne waffle.


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