Jamaican dutchy anyone?

It was just about lunch time and a buddy of mine passed by my desk asking if I had grabbed food yet.  I had not and I was interested to hear if he had a place in mind, since I had not even thought of what to eat today. I was on edge in anticipation of what fantastic food he might mention that I would be able to write about. “Yea man, I was thinking of going to the fruit cart.” It was as if he had asked if I wanted to go drag race and then told me he had a Prius.

So, the first stop was the fruit cart. Since I am not a bird I passed on the fruit.  Instead I decided to stop at a truck that I had passed on multiple occasions, but never stopped to order from; The Jamaican Dutchy truck. I was always most intrigued by the truck, mostly because I had no idea what was on the menu (it was never visible when I walked by).  I often joked that you just walk up to the window and ask for “the stuff”. While we waited on line there was Reggae music playing and the guys serving the food were really chill.  I felt like I was on an island, except I was wearing work clothes instead of swim trunks and had concrete under my feet instead of sand (where is my drink with the umbrella?!).

Jerk chicken

Surprisingly, this looked very similar to my meal at Mangu yesterday (rice, beans, plantain, meat).  I ordered the jerk chicken, of course. (Buddy chimes in, “It must be hard to find jerk chicken.  I never met a chicken that was a jerk.” (Cricket cricket)). The rice was very good, cooked al dente.  It came with a side of cabbage and a slice of plantain.  Unfortunately, I had never tried jerk chicken prior to this, so I did’t have anything to compare it to. Fortunately, this was amazing jerk chicken and anything compared to this will have quite a tough time.  The chicken was super moist and juicy. The seasoning was awesome and pretty spicy.  The corners of my mouth were feeling the burn, but it was a flavorful spiciness and not a tongue numbing flavorless spice. I certainly waited too long to try this truck.

And to think, I could have been eating grapes and carrots from the fruit cart instead of this meal.


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