Bapcha Korean Cart

Our lunch adventure started with a first stop at Crumbs to grab some deliciously fattening cupcakes. With a pack of 4 cupcakes in hand my coworker and I decided we should probably grab some real lunch. Going on a recommendation from another coworker we decided to stop at the Bapcha Cart.

My eyes danced across the menu, as they often do at my tummy’s command. There were quite a few options that sounded tasty, but I decided to go with the Kalbi beef because I wanted to be able to compare it to another Korean Cart I frequent.


The Kalbi was good but not as flavorful or as tender as my other place. In fact, it was probably over done. ::SAD FOODIE FACE:: However, the sample of spicy chicken they gave me was awesome! I would absolutely opt for that next time. The glass noodles were pretty delicious… like “I am sure I could eat an entire tray” delicious. And thankfully the rice was cooked very well. 

Would I go back? Indeed, but not for the Kalbi.



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