Time to Steak ‘n Shake

When I think of Rockefeller Center I think of waves of tourists and overpriced food.  Seeing as I am new to this neck of the woods I asked my social network what food was good in the area… the response across the board was pretty much “nothing good to eat here”. While I am sure it might be difficult to get good food in the area (well priced, good tasting, not a tourist sand hole) I bet I can find some good places to eat.

I had just finished my super espresso from Zibetto and decided it was time to look for some lunch.  I walked around looking for some interesting food establishment down some side streets (no luck), walked all the way to Park Ave. to see if there were any good food trucks (they are mostly all closed until the new year)… and then I remember this place called Steak ‘n Shake that Darrell had talked up quite a bit.  In fact it made it on to “The List”.  (Some background on the list, we started the list about 4 years ago as our must try food check list.  That list may eventually make it into one of my posts.) With espresso running through my system I was not even bothered by the fact that Steak & Shake was quite a walk away from where I had gone looking for food.

They actually specialize in shakes made with steak… just kidding.  I had no idea what they served, but finally came to discover that it was a burger place. The burgers are made from ground steak and they have a large array of shake flavors (none of which are steak). I went with the regular steak burger and fries with a M&M shake.  They have a bunch of different burger options, so if you try/have tried the others please let me know your thoughts.


The steak burger was awesome.  Just the right amount of grease.  The fries were just OK (they are those thin string fries).  The shake was delicious. (I am feeling a future post coming “Five Guys v. Steak and Shake”.) For around $11 this was a great lunch.  I am well on my way to proving that good food can be found here.


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