Urban Lobster Shack = Urban Lobster Crack

I left the office in search of food at 12pm, well past my typical lunch time, with absolutely no idea of what I wanted to eat.  Since I have been on this food truck kick I decide to wander over to the food truck parking lot of midtown, Park Avenue (above 46th street). I initially thought that I would hit SeoulFood Truck because I was told that they may well be better than Korilla BBQ.

As I walked down Park Avenue I passed Domo Taco, YoGo, Mr. Softee, Uncle Gussy’s, some Pizza truck, and trucks parked too far down side streets to see their names. Finally I found Seoul Food Truck…but right next to it was the Urban Lobster Shack.  There are a couple of lobster roll trucks in the city, including Luke’s Lobster and Red Hook Lobster.  Urban Lobster Shack is the newest one to join the crew.

I have wanted to catch one of these trucks for quite some time now and I jumped at the chance. There was no line, probably because it is so expensive, but I was on a mission and my wallet would have to deal with the pain.  I asked which roll was the best and got a quick response of “if you like scampi, the scampi roll is sick!” Of course I love scampi!

Scampi Lobster Roll

So the roll is not terribly large, especially for $14 and for my appetite, but it is big on flavor.  It has nice chunks of buttery lobster and their homemade scampi sauce is awesome. I could eat these rolls all day… if my wallet was able to keep up. This is definitely worth trying and then trying again.  If anyone has tried one of the other two trucks let me know.

Now I will need to reschedule SeoulFood Truck v. Korilla BBQ.


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