Cake Love…at first bite

I find myself having to travel to a conference for work, to a place that, according to FedEx, doesn’t even exist. Where is this imaginary place you ask?  None other than National Harbor, MD. My first mission, after setting up our booth in the conference exhibit hall, is to find some awesome food to write about.  I am thinking I will one day embark on a fun food guide because I could not find anything with my usual sources (probably because this place doesn’t exist). So I had to throw on my walking shoes and go on a search myself.

I walked past some restaurants, but that isn’t what I was looking for.  I stumbled up a “Bag o’ doughnuts” stand that had no doughnuts ready (I am crazy impatient).  Then a little shop caught my eye called Cake Love. I am really not a dessert guy myself. That said, I needed a reccommendation from their staff on what to try.

When I walk into a place and ask what the “MUST HAVE” item is, I don’t expect hesitation followed by “well the most popular item is xyz”. That wasn’t the question. Don’t you eat what you sell? If 150 people walk in to a shop and order poo stew purely because they want to know what it tastes like, that makes it pretty popular, but not something you want to try (not this guy anyway). I am not the type to go with what is popular, I want to go with what tastes freakin’ awesome. I went for the raspberry filled cake with a lemon topping.

Raspberry Cake

 At first bite, it is not overly sweet, which was perfect for me.  It tasted really fresh, so you know it hasn’t been sitting around for who knows how long.  That filling was awesome, though I have no idea what it was….butter cream? The lemon frosting gave it just the right amount of zing. It was moist and delicious and made me take another bite.  Again, I am not big it to sweets so take my opinion for what it is worth.

Next time you find yourself in the made up land of National Harbor check out Cake Love.  I can tell you it is probably the best cake in National Harbor, though I don’t think it helps to say you probably can’t find cake easily here anyway.



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