Green Tea FroYo Espresso Float

I will start this post by mentioning that I am by no means a FroYo fan (that is frozen yogurt for those who have no clue what FroYo means). We wandered into OKO in Forest Hills because my fiance was craving FroYo.  I had not intentions of having anything, especially since I had just had some awesome sushi from my friends at Sushi Time.  However, there was a credit card minimum and I didn’t feel like walking 4 blocks to get cash.  Nothing on the menu was particularly enticing to me, but then my eyes fell upon Green Tea FroYo with a shot of espresso.  I was suddenly interested how that was going to taste.

FroYo Float

First off, you need to love the taste of espresso and the taste of natural green tea.  Second, the race is on. The espresso is put in hot so the bottom begins to melt as you are eating.  At first the tastes do not seem to go very well together. However, I become so distracted by the opposing flavors that before I know it… it’s all gone.  I can’t say that it was bad, or else I would not have finished it, but I also can’t say that I would order this again.  Perhaps instead of espresso they should consider an espresso liqueur with this.


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