Melt Shop!… need I say more?

It is just about that time of year once again… Lent!

What does that mean?  It means I need to get creative on Fridays because I can’t eat meat.  Help me my vegetarian friends!

I didn’t need help today.  I knew that I was in the mood for a good grilled cheese sammich (No, that is not misspelled it was intentional. I happen to like it better that way.) If you have never been to Melt Shop then you have been missing out! In fact, if you have never had Melt Shop before stop reading my post and leave your desk, house, office, job, bed, pets, guests, children (well maybe not children) and just go try it now.  They have a huge selection of sammiches for everyone.  Don’t forget to try the tots, you will thank me.

I will let the photos finish the post for me…




ChChow down my friends! Enjoy…


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